What is Shoe Box Scanning? Photo sharing for the entire family!


Because we’re in the business of helping you with everything photo, we want to give you the opportunity to share with the rest of your family all of those pictures you have stored away in shoe boxes and photo albums. We have often been asked “how can I affordably share my collection of family photos with the rest of the family and how can I convince my family members to share what they have with me.”

To provide a solution we introduced our Shoe Box Scanning Kit and here is how it works.

Everyone has a drawer or box or album full of old pictures that have been sitting around in the dark, collecting dust, but not benefiting anyone. You have them and so does the rest of your family. You have some of the original photos, your parents have some, your siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles all have them. If you want to convince your family members to share their treasures the best place to start is to share your own treasures with them.

So to start this whole sharing process thing, just gather together your paper photo prints. Start with as many as you want, as few as 50 if you just want to get started and see how things go. We’ll get them all digitized for you within a couple of days and create as many discs for you as you need to share with family. Don’t want to mess with discs? We can upload your scanned images to the cloud so they can be shared anywhere, anytime.

Once your pictures are in a digital format they are easy to share, simply distribute those discs to family members or give them the link to the cloud storage and explain to them what you have just given them. Now ask them if you can borrow their originals for a few days to get them digitized and the whole picture sharing process has begun.

Need more information about how to do this? Just give us a call at 801-489-3218