We have this discussion all the time: why spend money on photo prints when I have them stored digitally?

There is no question that digital photography has opened doors to many people who otherwise would seldom take pictures at all. The problem now is most of those people either don’t think they need physical photo prints or they don’t understand the importance of having prints made.

The only real archive. The silver halide printing technology that we use today to make prints of your valuable images is far superior to that used in the past. I’m sure you have prints that were made in the ’70s and ’80s that show signs of fading and discoloration. Color printing was still quite new back then and a lot has changed.
Professional Grade Fuji Crystal Archive paper is proven to last longer than any other silver halide photo paper available today. Your grand kids will still be enjoying the prints you have made today on Fuji Crystal Archive paper; but only assuming you actually have prints made!

If you don’t make prints, your grand kids will be cursing you. Digital is not synonymous to archival! If you don’t believe me check out the speech given by Vint Cerf, Google VP, about the coming “Digital Dark Ages”.
Are you sufficiently motivated now? The only way to ensure your photos are available to future generations is to print them.

A4 GRAN.eps

The Fuji Crystal Archive Luster paper we use is a great way to have your pictures printed. The surface has a slight texture that helps prevent finger printing and if the printed photo gets dirty you can actually wash it off in lukewarm water! Try that with an inkjet print.

You don’t have to print every image you shoot. Choose the best ones, the ones that will have value to you now and to future generations. Print the good ones BIG to hang on your wall, to show off your awesome photography skills. We have lots of different options for printing that we’ll get into in up-coming posts but for now just get prints made!