Snelsons’ Frequently Asked Questions

We can print up to 44″ wide by almost any length on photo paper, canvas and textured fine art paper. We can print any custom size you need up to 44″ wide.
Yes. Damage repair, photo composites, color restoration, hand coloring and full image retouching can all be done. We guarantee your satisfaction with the enhancements we do for you.
In-lab service times depend on the service ordered. In most cases orders are completed in three days or less. High volume seasons will increase service times by an extra two days. If you have an emergency please contact us to schedule your order.

We offer digital output using a variety of media and techniques. We can print your digital file up to 44″ wide by almost any length. Your image can be printed on luster photo paper, glossy and metallic photo papers, canvas or textured fine art paper. We can also produce point of purchase displays, tradeshow graphics, signage and more. Please contact one of our customer service representatives for more information.

We can convert 8mm and Super8 movie film as well as most popular videotape formats to MP4 for convenient viewing.  The 8mm and Super8 films are cleaned, lubricated, and captured a single frame at a time for the most accurate digital transfer available. We even add background music to your silent 8mm movie film to help make your viewing experience more enjoyable.

Absolutely and at a very reasonable cost. We can convert your slides to a digital format and burn them onto a USB drive, your external hard drive or we can send them to you using your favorite cloud based storage system.

Yes we do. The original is digitized and can then be printed on canvas or textured fine art paper up to 44″ wide. The canvas prints can be mounted to 1/8″ hardboard or you can opt for our premier Gallery Wrap service, which creates a fully wrapped canvas image around the edges of our ¾” or 1½” thick stretchers. We can also produce a shadowbox framed canvas product we call the Canvas Box as well as a hardboard wrapped canvas with ¾” hanging hardware. See our canvas page for more information.

Our ROES Web online ordering utility is the easiest way to get your digital images to us. You can use our ROES Web browser-based ordering system from any device. You can also try our Easy Pix online ordering system or install the Local Prints Now app to get quick prints from your phone.

If you prefer, you can walk in the front door with your film, negatives, digital media, artwork or prints; you can ship your orders to us via US mail, UPS or any other shipping method you prefer.

We are very often asked this question. If you view an image on 10 different monitors you will most likely see 10 different color renditions of the image. Monitor calibration is crucial to proper color viewing and most people don’t want to mess with it. Please don’t expect us to make prints that match your monitor. We have no way of knowing what the image looks like on your monitor and even if we did we can’t possibly match every customer’s monitor on every image.

Our printers are calibrated each morning and additionally, when needed, throughout the day. The output device (printer) is the base of the color workflow and each device used in the workflow needs to be calibrated, profiled and set up in the correct color space for the printer. In our case the color space you should be using is sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Your camera needs to be set to sRGB and the color space in your photo editing software needs to be set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Your monitor needs to be profiled and then calibrated to our printers, not our printers to your monitor. We are happy to help you through the calibration process, just call us. Additionally you can read our Color Management Workflow document that explains in detail how to calibrate your monitor. You will need a monitor profiling device. We recommend the DataColor SpyderX or any of the X-Rite monitor profiling systems.

Simply explain to them that Snelson PhotoColor Lab is the choice of most professional photographers in the area and if they want professional quality portrait prints at very competitive prices they should should use us. Your client can use our ROES Web ordering system and they can have the order shipped to them. There is really nothing more you can do to force them to come to us. Once you give them the images and copyright they can go wherever they want.

The only way to insure that your images are printed here is to maintain control of your images and send them in yourself.

Absolutely! We want you to be completely satisfied with your order. If we have made a mistake on your order we will fix it at no charge to you. However, if there is a problem, we need to know about it as soon as you receive your order so we can quickly and easily recall the order and use the current data to fix our mistake. Please notify us of a problem within 30 days. After thirty days the order data might not be available and we assume your order is correct. After 30 days orders will not be redone at no charge.

Lab Corrected products are the highest quality products we offer. Each image you send to us to print is carefully corrected for optimum color, density and contrast. When you order Lab Corrected products you have our guarantee that you will like your print or we will reprint it until it is the way you want it. However, please be aware that we have seen images that have been modified so much by the photographer with filters and other Photoshop work that what you deem optimum might not even be possible. Self Corrected products are printed on the same paper and in the same machines as Lab Corrected products but we do not change anything about the image. Cropping, color, density and contrast are all left the way you send it to us. There is not the same guarantee of satisfaction with Self Corrected products as there is with Lab Corrected products. Before ordering Self Corrected products you need to make sure your monitor is properly calibrated so that what you see on your monitor will be reproduced in printed form the way you expect.