Digitizing Fine Art

Digital conversion of your fine art gives you the ability to print fine art giclee reproductions, post your art work on your website and social media sites and puts you in position to create all kinds of fun photo gifts. We have been creating copies of fine art for 30 years and digitizing it for the last 15 years. Nobody knows how to create a fine art reproduction with better color accuracy than Snelson PhotoColor Lab. Your digitized images will be burned to a standard CD for $2.50 or, if requested, to an Archival CD for $7.50. If there is too much digitized data to fit on a CD we will burn your images to a standard DVD for $7.50 or if requested, to an Archival DVD for $10.00. You can also opt for a USB drive.

Digitizing Fine Art 24x36 and smaller

$2200Per Piece

Digitizing Fine Art over 24x36 first bite

$3600First Bite

Digitizing Art over 24x36 additional bites

$1100Additional Bites

Fine Art Printing

After we have digitized your fine art we can produce a giclee print on certified archival canvas or on textured fine art paper with color accuracy that rivals your original. With our fine art printing service we run multiple color tests and even correct individual colors on the digital copy so that you can be confident that the color on your printed copy will match your original. For pricing on our fine art printing services check out our canvas printing price chart.

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