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If you’re not quite sure how to proceed or what to do, check out our “How To” list. If you can’t find it here, call us at 801-489-3218.

You can include our “Client Referral Card” with the disc. When they present the card or the card’s code number with their order they get a FREE 11×14 with a $30 order and you get a 5% commission on their order. Simply explain to them that Snelson PhotoColor Lab is your choice for professional quality printing and if they want professional quality portrait prints at very competitive prices they should should come to us. Some of our customers using the referral card charge their customer a “Print Credit” that can only be redeemed at Snelsons providing even more incentive for them to get their prints done professionally. Your client can use our ROES online ordering system or our Easy Pix online ordering system and they can have the order shipped to them. Just email Mike your request for the referral cards along with your logo and we’ll create, print and send them with your next order.
Ideally, with few exceptions, we highly recommend using orignal camera pixels instead of trying to interpolate those pixels into a larger or smaller file size. In other words do not resize your original image using your image editing software’s Image Resize tool or the the Crop Tool. It is accepatable to use the crop tool to crop your image to the print dimensions you require but do not enter a value into the resolution field in the crop tool, just leave it blank. Do all the retouching and color editing you need to do in your PSD or TIF file then save the image as a level 12  JPG to send to us. Make sure your camera’s color space is set to sRGB and your imaging editing software’s color space is set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and make sure you are using a correctly calibrated monitor profile. Please see our Color Management document for detailed information on monitor calibration. Once your files are ready to send, we recommend creating a new folder on your desktop into which you will COPY only the JPG files you are going to send to us. When the files are placed in their own folder on the desktop they are easier to access when you are looking for them in ROES. Once your order has been sent you can delete the folder as long as you COPIED (as opposed to moved) the files into it.
ROES is easy once you understand all the little nuances. To get a better understanding before you use ROES click here for complete instructions.
ROES Instructions
That is a somewhat complicated question but easily resolved. Check out our  Color Managed Workflow document for detailed information.
Metal Prints are available in many sizes. The typical hanging method is a block or aluminum frame on the back. Alternatively your metal print can be framed, holes can be drilled in the corners to hang the product using a chain or screws. It can be screwed or bolted from the front or back to a decorative “frame”.  We can create a double standout with a larger metal print as a background with a smaller metal print mounted to it and spaced away from it to create a shadow mounted effect.
By learning how to properly use your camera’s auto focus features as well as using manual focus you will achieve a much higher success rate with image sharpness.
Here is a 20 minute video from Adorama TV explaining how your camera’s drive systems and auto focus work.


There are a few simple steps that can be taken to fix most ROES issues. The easiest being a simple phone call. If you end up with a ROES problem please don’t try to fix it by uninstalling and re-installing ROES. It won’t work and you’ll just get frustrated. The link below will guide you through fixing most problems encountered while using ROES but the most effective way to stay out of ROES trouble is to follow the posted instructions.

Fixing ROES problems