Elberta Supply Company, working with our good friends at Snelson PhotoColor Lab in Springville, Utah is offering high quality quality T shirts, posters, calenders and other items to help pay for the costs of maintaining and keeping this old building here for future generations.

You can currently order the available posters here. Tee shirts, mugs, calendars, metal prints, canvas wall decor and more will soon be available here as well as the posters.

Here is a brief history of the Elberta Supply Company and the old Sinclair station.

Carl and Vera Patten opened the Elberta Supply Company in 1937 in the small hamlet of unincorperated Elberta, Utah at the very south west corner of Utah county. The Store is on the corner of Hwy. 6 and Redwood road ( all dirt Roads at the time) . It was a stopping point for Gas and supplies for the 70 or so people who lived in this area and all the Miners coming and going to work in the Eureka Mines just 3 miles to the west. The store has been in the family since 1937. The old Sinclair Gas station across the street was moved there in the Late 40s as a Mechanic shop from the Ghost town (now) of Dividend which is where the Tintic Standard Mine was. Dividend was abandoned by the company and all the buildings, homes etc. were sold to local people. The old Sinclair building was a standard design by Sinclair Oil Company and was built around 1917 to provide gas in Dividend, Utah. The Family is currently cleaning up the iconic building making it even more of a destination for the 100’s of biker, car and truck enthusists who make it a pilgrimage  every weekend. A new sprinkler system, grass, a picnic table to sit and relax and enjoy this old structure is coming. We want to preserve it just the way it is and respectfully remind everyone it is private property and to please be respectful and considerate (hauling off all your trash, no smoking, no alcohol and no pets). Thanks to all of you who can support us in this endeavor. Kind Regards Wade E. Garner

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