William and Charlotte have grown in the gospel together through many years of hardship and joy. They’ve been through famines and droughts, the “Freeze,” and much persecution and opposition because of their choice to live every principle of the gospel. 

The following is from an interview with William Acquah. 

“I wasn’t baptized until 1980 in March, and my baptism was influenced primarily because of the first missionary couple to Ghana and Nigeria, by the name of Elder Luke and Sister Naomi Clegg. When they first came to Cape Coast, Ghana, they came to stay right next door to our house! One thing that impressed me was that, as white American couple, they would walk by our house in the evening hand-in-hand. This was quite different from all the white couples I had seen before…[because] in none of them did I see that display of compassion and commitment, that is, between the man and his wife, to really see them in love, and holding hands together. This is not even our tradition, for husband and wife to hold hands publicly. But, notwithstanding, how the Cleggs had impressed me, I went right down to their house with the intention to tell them, “We have had enough of you Americans. If this is anything good, go back to your country and preach to them.” 

Elder Clegg just embraced me and treated me warmly on our first meeting. For my barrage of questions to him, he simply told me that I was a child of God and if I had any questions I should pray and direct my questions to Our Heavenly Father and that we were brothers! That was it. I went back and prayed again to my Heavenly Father and I sure felt the presence of Heavenly Father. Since that time… I have attended every church service and meeting… because, I had gotten converted at heart.”