Felicia Opare learned of the church during the early 1970s through Lily Andoh-Kesson, a member of Brother William Johnson’s congregation. She was among the first group of Ghanaians baptized after the revelation on the Priesthood in 1978. After retiring from teaching after forty-five years she makes extra money by sewing beautiful bags of all sizes. After interviewing, her she let us each choose a purse to keep. With all the brightly colored purses I had a difficult time deciding and had narrowed it down to three when she told me to “take all.” I begged her to let me reimburse her for the bags, but she refused to let me pay her anything and said, “God has given me this talent. What kind of person would I be if I did not share it?” 

In that moment, I reflected on my possessions and my talents. What kind of person am I? Every Ghanaian is so sure everything will work out and they sacrifice accordingly. I never thought the perfect faith I read of in the scriptures existed, yet here is a people of perfect faith. In her interview, Felicia said, “you want something, anything, just ask God and he will give it to you. But, it will be in his time and in his way. The Lord’s timing is always best.” 

And so it is. But why is trusting the Lord and sacrificing time and talents so difficult?