Kofi Sosu became a member of the church in 1987 against his parents’ wishes. In 1993, when he decided to serve a mission his father disowned him. Despite this, he faithfully served his mission and wrote home every week. He never received a single response from home. 

After serving a difficult mission, Kofi came back to Ghana and felt he should return to his father’s house. 

But,” he thought, “I can’t go back. I have been disowned and had no response from home for over two years.” 

As he arrived at the gate of his father’s house his father saw him and said, “Stop.” Who are you?” 

“I am your son.” 

“My son?” 

“Yes, your son, Kofi.” He saw tears running down his father’s face. His father stood up and embraced him. 

“Oh, my son, my son I am so sorry. I have not had a moment’s peace since I disowned you. I know you did the right thing. I have accepted you as my son.”