14×16 Panel Oil Painting 2019

This messy Jesus painting was created while reflecting on friendship. Those deep friends you make who become family. Who nurture and love when it’s inconvenient. Who don’t care how messy your house is. Who love your crazy kids and you anyway. The friends who are there with me in my mess. Thank you.

I think it’s interesting that Jesus is alone in this painting with “no friends” visible. But to me blues and purples are the colors of friendship. And friends are there even when I feel alone. I’m thankful for the friends I was able to be strengthened by today. 

About the messy Jesus paintings.

Where is Jesus in this mess? Touch and see for yourself. I am right handed and have always thought of my left hand as a mostly useless appendage as far as art making is concerned. These paintings are all created using my left hand, no paint brushes, and no planning. When I’m feeling overwhelmed I create a big mess of paint using my fingers. Then I remove paint using my hands and tools to reveal the face of Christ I see in the mess. I have found Him in my mess over 200 times so far. I believe God is present in every mess. Can you find Jesus in your mess?