Restorations And Retouching

Restore Photos and Restore Memories

When you have old photo images that need to be restored to their former condition, or a new picture that just needs some retouching to make it right, you can count on Snelson PhotoColor Lab. Our photo retouching services are superior and affordable. Whether you want to restore old photos you found in Grandma’s attic, or a new digital image that needs a few adjustments, choose Snelson PhotoColor Lab to make it into a work of art you will treasure forever.


Old Photo Restoration

The retouch artists at Snelson PhotoColor Lab are highly experienced and can restore damaged or imperfect photos; often to a condition that is better than the original. Edit and restore old photos, such as simple to complex color restoration, swapping heads, removing blemishes, and even removing objects is no problem for our experts. Simply bring in your old originals, we’ll consult on the best way to handle your project and soon you will have those old, damaged photos new again and ready to share with friends and family.


Superior Photo Retouching Services at Affordable Prices

Professional quality photo retouching is usually pretty costly, but Snelson PhotoColor Lab can restore photos, with some services starting at less than half of what you would expect to pay. This is because restoring a photo has been something Snelson PhotoColor Lab technicians have mastered in our long history. We make the entire process quick and easy. Contact us today to find out how we can restore your photos and bring your precious memories back to life.

We provide services for head swaps, glass glare removal, braces elimination, combining multiple images and other highly technical digital retouching services.

All of our retouching is done digitally. We can help with retouching of your digital camera images or we can scan and retouch your pictures that have been taken on negative and transparency film as well as printed photos.

We employ the finest digital retouch artists available to help you with almost any digital retouch and restoration work you need.

Restorations and retouching prices are based on the severity of damage and must be seen to give an estimate.