Scrapbooks, Albums, Books & Documents Scanned to Digital Media

Digital conversion of your scrapbooks, albums, books & documents gives you the ability to share all those memories. Now everyone in your family can have their own copy of grandma’s photo albums and your scrapbooks. Your album pages can be scanned as a whole or individual pictures from the album page can be scanned separately. We can even digitize your 3D scrapbook pages.

Albums and scrapbooks should be disassembled if possible and the pages removed from any kind of sleeving. We suggest you remove the pages but we can do it for you for 25¢ per page. If your album can’t be disassembled we can still digitize it for you at the prices listed. Your digitized images will be burned to a standard CD for $2.50 or, if requested, to an Archival CD for $7.50. If there is too much digitized data to fit on a CD we will burn your images to a standard DVD for $7.50 or if requested, to an Archival DVD for $10.00. You can also choose to have your images put on a 16gb USB drive for $12.50.

scrapbooks, albums, books & documents scanning price chart