Shoebox Scanning Service

Everyone has a drawer or box of old pictures that have been sitting around in the dark, collecting dust, but not benefitting anyone. With our very affordable Shoebox Scanning service you’ll never again have to worry about where that “one” picture is. With the help of our highly trained phototechnicians we can convert your old, lose photos onto archival discs that can then be shared with your family, anytime you want, anytime they want.

The Shoebox scanning service is available for loose photos and documents in good condition for sizes from 2.5″x3.5″ up to 8.5″x14″. Photos and documents must be unmounted, not curled, not torn, no tape or other adhesives or residue on the back, no paper scraps or album tabs stuck to the photos and they must be removed from sleeves and albums. We suggest you prepare your photos using these instructions as a guide but we can do it for you for an additional handling fee of .25 cents per image. If any of your photos don’t meet the criteria for the Shoe Box Scanning service we will pull them and scan them as individual photos at $2.50 each.

shoe box scanning price chart